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Hello Customers, Friends and Fans! It has been a strange couple of months...Just an update to those of you that maybe only visit our website.

PESCEFFECTS has taken the Comic Con online! We're bringing "Couch Con" to you every week! For the past 7 weeks we have been doing LIVE shows via our PescEffects Facebook page, EVERY FRIDAY at 6pm PST.

What's a LIVE Show? Well, Jerry has set-up in our Living Room. He has his awesome Metal Art displayed and he's rocking the lights and bringing his A-game. We know our website pics don't do justice to his Metal Art so we are showing you the metal in "real time". You get to see it up close, ask questions and then click the link to purchase. Each week we are showcasing newly completed pieces, old favorites, new products, special sales AND....

Super Rare Artist Proof Metal Prints.

What's an Artist Proof? Artist Proofs (also known as AP's), are full size, 11"×17" Metal Prints. When printing on the metal, we don't always know how the art will read. We will have "proofs" created so Jerry can sample them before the final stamp of approval for sale. Sometimes the FINAL piece varies from the AP. Jerry will decide that he wants to change or add to a piece. Sometimes, we even sample between the silver metal and the white metal. We typically only do THREE Artist Proofs and we usually reserve them for donating them to non-profit charities for auction purposes. This is the first time we have ever offered them this way. They are pretty rare treasures of often long retired pieces.

So, here is your open invite to join us EVERY FRIDAY at 6pm PST. Until physical shows start up again (which at the earliest will be AUGUST for us), we will be having these fun shows. We look forward to seeing you. Make sure to visit our PESCEFFECTS FACEBOOK PAGE and check out our LIVE EVENT details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through HERE or message/post through any of our social media pages.

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