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"Choose Your Weapon" 4-Piece METAL Bookmark SET


2023 EXCLUSIVE SET of FOUR. Set includes-

*Anakin Skywalker (Blue Saber)

*Count Dooku (Red Saber)

*Yoda (Green Saber)

*Kylo Ren (Red Saber)

You will receive all four metal bookmarks as shown. These are NOT Available individually!

Original Art METAL BOOKMARKS. Shiny, reflective and durable METAL. Sure to please the reader or collector in your life. Available in 60+ designs based off of the original artwork of Jerry Pesce.

"Choose Your Weapon" 4-Piece METAL Bookmark SET

  • METAL BOOKMARK Dimensions: 6.625" X 1.75"

    Material: Collectors Grade Aluminum

    Finish: Silver Reflective 

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