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Our  #COUCHCON  #ShopLive  Event  Is  Back  This  FRIDAY!  Join  Us  via  FB Live  To  See  NEW  ARTNEW PRODUCTS,FREE  ShippingEXCLUSIVES  And  MORE!  Find  Us  Online  THIS  FRIDAY  May 10th @ 5pm

☆Heavy Metal Club- (limit 4 per household)☆

Did You Miss Out On A Metal Print, And Now It's Retired? Here's Your Second Chance To Claim Your Coveted Piece And SO MUCH MORE!

PescEffects Exclusive "Heavy Metal Club" is our way of thanking all of you for the amazing support you've shown us, not only this year, but over the past 10 years. Here's the details of what our Heavy Metal Club includes-


☆Special personalized edition of ANY ONE 11"×17" Metal Print of your choice, retired or not.


ANY TWO Comic Sized Metal, even if it hasn't retired to comic size! Plus- White Metal Variant Option


A 10" Showstopper Spinner, customized with any of our existing Art.


☆Special 4x6 Metal "Congratulations Ticket"


☆Exclusive Bookmarks- not available any other way. NEW THIS YEAR, Double-Sided Bookmarks!


☆ 20% Off Single Character Commission *(some limitations. Excludes existing/pending commissions)


☆ 20% Off Website Orders (you get your very own personalized code)

2024 Heavy Metal Club

  • You don't have to choose your Exclusive Metal Print(s) at the time of purchase. You can hold off on your decision and contact us when you're ready. A lot of people have been joining our Couch Con event to try to get an Artist Proof of their chosen favorite first, and then use the HMC as a back-up. There is also a 4th EXCLUSIVE Bookmark that is only available by purchasing your HMC through Couch Con as well. CONTACT us with any questions!

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