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Our fifth METAL collectible card set. A collection of your favorite childhood movie classics. Each set includes 9 cards based off of the original art of Jerry Pesce, with the print name and card number on the back. All SETS are packed in labeled, plastic cases. Set 5 of 8:
"Hold Me" #JP38
"Big Trouble" #JP39
"Ghost with the most" #JP40
"Evil" #JP41
"The Roar" #JP42
"Dreams are my specialty" #JP43
"Cara Mia" #JP44
"When the crystal cracked" #JP45
"There has never been a time without Unicorns" #JP46

"Nostalgia" METAL Card Set

  • METAL CARD SET 9 cards total. Cards in this set numbered #38-46 Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5" Material: Collector grade aluminum Finish: silver reflective *Resized to fit metal card dimensions. Full size print available on Paper and Metal*
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