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Are you ready for our New, Fast Paced, Fun and Easy Trading Card Game? Jerry has combined his love of Tabletop Gaming and Collectible Trading Cards and created a new Game. Get ready to say Rock...Paper...Scissors...Cobra...Wizard! Each METAL Trading Card features exclusively, the Art of Jerry Pesce. Each card is labeled with playable symbols. Strategize your hand against your opponent, but look out for that Die Roll...It could change everything! A single Starter Deck can be played by 2 people. Add more packs and invite more friends!

Each Starter Set includes:

-40 METAL Trading Cards (Base collection has 600 playable cards!)

-Flow Chart, printed on 4"x6" White Metal

-Game Instructions/Dice Chart, printed on 4"x6" White Metal -Deck Box + D10 (10 sided Die)

PescEffects: "War Of Fandoms" Trading Card Game Starter Set

Deck Box Color Choice
  • Use Discount Code: WOFTCG to save 15% on your order. Or use your Heavy Metal Club Discount and save even MORE!

    Starter Set Quantity- 40 Cards

    Metal Trading Card Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5" (standard TC size)

    WOF Rules+Dice Chart/Flow Chart: 4"x6"

    Material: Metal- Collector grade aluminum

    Finish: silver reflective *Resized to fit metal card dimensions. Full size print available on Paper and Metal*

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