PescEffects Live #COUCHCON is back to keep you entertained in 2021. In addition to our Facebook Live Shows, we now have a special Couch Con section to shop in. What secret deals will be revealed?

#COUCHCON WebShop Exclusive offering!  Use Discount Code: SOSB 


Here's something for our Comic Sized Metal Collectors AND Variant White Metal, lovers! This Exclusive #CouchCon "Dibs" Listing lets you Pick ANY Existing piece...That's right, ANY. It doesn't have to be Retired  for you to get it as a Comic Sized. And, BONUS! You get it as a  *Rare* variant WHITE METAL! Which one will you pick?!

Pick ANY Piece as a Comic Sized White Metal!

  • Metal Print Info-

    Comic Sized Metal Dimensions: 10.25" x 6.25"

    Material: Collector grade aluminum

    Finish: White