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"Tenacious Terrors"
Our Eighth METAL collectible card set. Jerry is going back to his first passion, Horror. Another collection of some of your favorite Horror Icons for the past and present. You've been asking for this, now here it is! Each set includes 10 cards based off of the original art of Jerry Pesce, with the print name and card number on the back. All SETS are packed in plastic cases and Labeled. Set 8 of 8:
"I'm the Master and You're the Puppet" #JP67
"One, Two, Freddy's Comin' for You!" #JP68
"Queen Mother" #JP69
"Rise of The Great Old Ones" #JP70
"The Bride" #JP71
"The Saw is Family" #JP72
"The Wolfman" #JP73
"Vincent" #JP74
"We All Float" #JP75
"Who's Laughing Now?!" #JP76

"Tenacious Terrors" METAL Card Set

  • METAL CARD SET 10 cards total. Cards in this set numbered #67-76 Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5" Material: Collector grade aluminum Finish: silver reflective *Resized to fit metal card dimensions. Full size print available on Paper and Metal*
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