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     As a child growing up in New York, Jerry Pesce has always been drawing and creating art that he enjoys. He started with monsters at a young age; actually receiving an award in grade school for turning every art project in to some kind of monster. As a teenager he would use Fantasy and Role Playing Games as an outlet and inspiration for his artistic creativity. This love of RPG followed him in to his later school years as he attended Ithaca College in New York. There he earned a BFA in Lighting and Scenic Design.


     After completing college, Jerry still dreamed of pursuing his first love; creating monsters. He packed up and moved across country to California. Once arriving in Southern California, he enrolled in the Joe Belasco School for Film and TV Make-Up. There he trained in special effects make up and was able to make the monsters he had dreamed become a reality. After completing the course, he honed his craft and sharpened his skills on various independent film projects back in New York.


     In early 2002, Jerry again picked up and moved back out west to Las Vegas, NV.  where he still currently resides. Here he began expanding on his career as a Lighting Director. He used lighting as another creative outlet and artistic extension of himself. He has lit for countless bands, music stretching through every genre. Lighting Rock n’ Roll concerts at every venue up and down the Las Vegas Strip. His lighting has also included Corporate Events for many brand names and companies. The non-stop pace and schedule of his work is what caused him to look for a way to still create his art on the go and in various environments. At the suggestion of friends he purchased an iPad. He tried various apps for drawing and in the process, discovered Pro-Create.


     Jerry’s current portfolio in Digital Art has grown to include 300+ pieces and counting. His unique style, filled with color and light has been influenced by his background as a lighting director. With attention to contrast and color, texture, shadowing, highlights and lowlights, he brings every piece to life with amazing depth. He brings detail to every category; Comic Book Characters, Monsters, Sci-Fi, Pin-Up and Fantasy, Pop Culture, Cult Icons, Horror and more. In addition to his prints, he has also begun printing his work on METAL, creating bookmarks as well as collectible card sets. Most recently, we have been able to offer full size 11"x17" METAL prints of his art. The way his work translates through the metal almost makes it come to life, the colors bright and reflective, almost holographic.


     As Jerry takes a step back from lighting and a giant leap into the world of his art and Comic Cons, we would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit his site. Your continued support means everything to us. Every kind word of encouragement, every purchase, every “like” on our Facebook page, every share and referral to a friend or family member shows us that we are on the right path. We look forward to making his art a part of your home or business. Please check our calendar to see if we will be at a show near you. We are doing several Comic and Horror Conventions in the coming months. If there is a show you would like to see us at, please let us know! Jerry has become a stand out at the comic cons, his colorful lighting will dazzle you as you watch them dance off of his art. With a different style and a brightly colored display that lures you in. His art captivates and holds you. Hope to see you soon!



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