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Salt Lake Comic Con

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend! Salt Lake Comic Con was absolutely amazing. We had our best show yet, and with early numbers rolling in an estimated 120,000 of you attended over the 3 day event. We met so many new people and saw so many amazing things. We wanted to take a minute and thank you all.

We had countless people stop at our booth. We met so many amazing people and swapped stories and shared our art with you. So many of you had so many kind things to say. The people are by far our favorite part of the conventions. Meeting and getting to know our fans up close and in person really makes the cons for us. We heard so many positive things time and time again. When you stop by and tell us how much you love the art and stare in wonder at the lighting dancing off the metal, well we really know we are on the right track. Without YOU there would be no us. I can't even tell you how many prints and bookmarks we sold. And our metal prints were selling as quick as we put them out. Even people who came up and sadly explained they had no money to spend but that they REALLY loved the art, that means the world to us. Just the fact that you take the time to stop and fight the crowds to share your appreciation is AWESOME.

Art truly is a universal language. It gives us an instant connection with you when you come up to laugh at our silly Muppets or compliment the unique style of your favorite comic or pop culture character. When we see the look of happiness on someones face when we are able to provide "THAT ONE THING" that they gives us SO MUCH JOY!! So just keep being our amazing fans and we'll keep producing amazing art for you to love. THANK YOU SALT LAKE!

SLCC Booth

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