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**SALE** Support Our Small Business

A post I had never fathomed having to write, for a situation no one could predict. Much like the rest of the world, we have been affected by the global pandemic, COVID-19.

All of our shows, for the foreseeable future, have been postponed. We have lost all of March, April and I suspect by the end of the week, all of May. Comic Cons are our life-blood. They are 85% of our income. Without these shows, we are reliant 100% upon our online sales. The good part? YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! We have already been receiving an outpouring of concern, love and support. We want to keep the love mutual and symbiotic so we are having a store-wide sale. When you use Discount Code: SOSB you will save 20% off your entire order AND every order receives a FREE GIFT. Just a little something to say "Thank you".

Your support during this time is CRUCIAL for us. No purchase is too small. Now, we also understand that this has affected more than just us financially. Don't think that you can't still be a huge help to us, even if you don't order! We still NEED you to help us with our social media exposure and reach. Every "like" "share" "comment" "retweet"...whatever HELPS! Just keeping us visible in your feed allows us to be seen by your friends and family, too. EVERY LITTLE THING HELPS! Did one of our posts brighten your day? Share it! See something your friend would love? Tag them! Interacting with our fans and customers means everything to us. Have a piece you'd like to see Jerry draw? Feel free to suggest it! Have a Commission that you'd like to lock in finally, CONTACT US! You can find us on all social media under "pesceffects".

This year is going to be a little hairy...but we will get through it. ALL OF US! And, when we can get back to doing shows again...OH HAPPY DAY! We can't wait. Our schedule is still in flux as shows announce their new dates. We will try to make it to the new dates. Just keep an eye on our Calendar in the coming months. If you have any questions on where we'll b

e, feel free to ask. Again, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. We would be nothing without you. We hope to see you at a show soon. Until then, stay safe and healthy and take care of each other.

-Serenity & Jerry


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