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"And On A Dark Cold Night, Under Full Moonlight, He Flies Into The Fog Like A Vulture In The Sky!"

Originally offered as a 2-Panel Companion Set, all 50 have now RETIRED. Normally it would end up as our traditional "Comic Sized" but it's unique landscape layout, necessitated a different approach.Now AVAILABLE as a Playmat!

METAL- 17"Length x 5.5" Height. Each piece will include a RANDOM Nightmare Toys, Collectible Metal Trading Card.

PLAYMAT- 24"x14" flexible Neoprene Game Mat/Desk Pad/Mouse Pad. Oversized for Tabletop Gaming.

Each print features the original art of Jerry Pesce. Prints will come signed by the artist. Playmats will only come Signed upon REQUEST.

"And On A Dark Cold Night..." Metal Art Print +WOF Trading Card

  • Metal Print Info-
    Dimensions: 17"Length x 5.5" Height
    Material: Collector grade aluminum
    Finish: silver reflective

    Playmat- Dimensions: 24"x14" Material: Neoprene  w/Embroidered Edge. Thickness: 2mm

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