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"Catch Them All" Pokemon Trading Cards- a 105 Card Set.

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Each Booster Pack consists of 4 cards. 3 Metal Cards and 1 HoloFoil in each pack. 32 Unique Pokemon pieces possible in HoloFoil, Silver Reflective Metal or White Metal. Card packs can also include PRIZES ranging from FREE Prints to Discounts on Commissions or RARE Puzzle Piece cards! **Purchase 3 packs for a guaranteed rare 2020 Chaser Card or purchase a CASE and get a COMPLETE Set of All Five 2020 Chaser Cards!**

"Catch Them All" Pokemon Trading Cards


    Buy 3 packs of Pokemon Cards, Get 1 2020 Chaser Card FREE!

    Buy a CASE of 10 card packs, Get the SET of ALL FIVE 2020 Chaser Cards FREE!

    This is the first time we have ever offered our Chaser Cards this way. These RARE Chasers have NEVER been offered as a set, so get in on this GUARANTEED WIN!

    Use Discount Code: SOSB