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Can't find your favorite PescEffects piece as a Playmat? Custom Order it HERE!

Any PescEffects art is available as a Playmat. With over 1000 pieces to choose from, we are still working on rounding out our catalog with actual product pictures, so this listing is where you TELL US which design you want to order. Horizontal/Landscape pieces work best, BUT you can order any Vertical/Portrait as well. Examples of both are given above.


Any Custom placed orders will be contacted and verified before creation. We want you happy with your new Playmat. We NEED YOU to tell us which piece, either the title or character with brief desciption should suffice. It HAS to be an EXISTING PescEffects piece. Any questions? Message us through the CHAT button at the bottom of the page!

Custom PescEffects Playmat

  • Our NEWEST endeavor- PescEffects Multi-Mats. These Playmats can serve MULTIPLE purposes. Game Mat, Desk Pad, Mouse Pad. Use it how you need it!

    PLAYMAT- 24"x14" flexible Neoprene Game Mat/Desk Pad/Mouse Pad. Oversized for Tabletop Gaming. Perfect pliable 2mm thickness

    Multi-Mats feature the original art of Jerry Pesce. Playmats will only come Signed upon REQUEST.

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