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Our  #COUCHCON  #ShopLive  Event  Is  Back  This  FRIDAY!  Join  Us  via  FB Live  To  See  NEW  ARTNEW PRODUCTS,FREE  ShippingEXCLUSIVES  And  MORE!  Find  Us  Online  THIS  FRIDAY  May 10th @ 5pm

PescEffects is back with something NEW, just in time for the Holidays!

If you've seen us at a show or watched us online, you know our Showstopper Spinners are a HUGE hit! Well, we decided to shrink them down so you can carry us with you anywhere. 


These NEW 3" size can be used to deck your Halls, Christmas Trees, Car Keys, Mirrors, Bags and ANYTHING else you want. It is durable, powder coated steel and will withstand the harshest of treatment, including outside temps from freezing to scorching. 


So, are you excited yet?! We sure are. Grab yours online or at any upcoming show. Styles and designs will rotate, so don't wait!

Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments and Keychains

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